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SEAT Leon Service and Repair Manual / Maintenance / Description of work / Air filter: Clean housing and renew filter element

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Torque wrench 2-10 Nm - VAG 1783-


  • Hose clip pliers - VAS 6362-


NOTICE Always use a genuine air filter cartridge .

Use a silicone-free lubricant when installing the intake hose.

When installing the air filter cartridge ensure that it is centred in the receptacle in the bottom section of the air filter.

Hose fittings and hoses for the supercharging system should not have any oil or grease residues. Do not use any lubricants containing silicone when assembling.

Secure all hose connections with the correct type of hose clips (same as original equipment).

Check liquid level and top up if necessary
DANGERThe coolant tank is under pressure. Open only when the engine is cold! NOTICE Permitted coolant additive. The vehicle must be parked horizontally. Check coolant level ...

1.0 l TSI engines
Removing Detach spring-type clip -1- and pull off air intake hose -2-. Unclip vacuum line -1- on the air filter housing and detach spring-type clip -2-. Carefully pull off air fi ...

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