Seat Leon >> 1.2l and 1.4I TSI engines


  • Remove air hose -2- from air mass sensor upper section -1-.
  • Open hose clips -3- and -4-.
  • Lift air filter housing -1- off upwards from the ball studs.
  • Remove the air conduit ducts -1- from the air filter housing.
  • Remove the air filter housing -1- and set down turned by 180 degrees.


  • Remove the screw -1- from the bottom section of the air filter housing.
  • Unlock the fixing tabs -arrows- from the air filter housing one after another (risk of breakage).
  • Remove the upper element of the air filter housing and take out the air filter cartridge.


  • Check the housing, air mass meter and the drains for soiling and clean if required.


NOTICE When cleaning the housing with compressed air, the following must be noted: in order to avoid running faults, cover the delicate components of the engine which participate in the air flow system, like for example the air volume gauge, the air intake hoses etc., with a clean cloth.

Observe environmental requirements for disposal.

  • Insert the air filter insert -3- into the centre of the mount in the upper section of the air filter -4-.
  • Place the lower section of the air filter -2- onto the upper section -4- and secure using the screws -1- to the tightening torque.


  • Insert the air conduit ducts -1- into the air filter housing.
  • Position hose clips -3- and -4-.
  • Place the air filter housing -1- in the centre of the ball bolt and fix in place by pressing it.
  • Place the air hose -2- onto the upper section of the air filter -1-.



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