Seat Leon >> Panoramic sliding roof normalisation run


  • After renewal of glass panel, motor, tilting mechanism or sun blind, a normalisation run must be carried out for the corresponding drive.
  • Roll-back function is switched off when establishing reference points.

Establishing reference points of sliding sunroof motor

Ignition is switched on.

Rotary switch must be in "Sliding sunroof closed" position.

  • Pull rotary switch -1- downwards and hold during whole process to establish reference points (approx. 20 s) in this position.
  • When establishing reference points, glass panel first closes and then moves approx. 200 mm towards the rear.
  • After glass panel is closed again, establishment of reference points is finished and rotary switch must be released.

Establishing reference points for sun blind motor

Ignition is switched on.

  • Press "Close push button for sun blind" -3- and hold down.

    Keep in this position during the entire standardisation process (about 20 seconds).

  • When establishing reference points, sun blind first closes and then moves approx. 200 mm towards the rear.
  • After sun blind has been closed completely again, normalisation run is finished and actuation button can be released.

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