Seat Leon >> Mileage display or Service Interval Display

Distance display
The left-hand counter in the display registers the total amount of distance covered by the vehicle.

The right-hand counter registers the short journeys. The last digit indicates steps of 100 metres. The trip recorder counter may be reset by the reset button  fig. 32 5.

Service interval display
A Service pre-warning will appear in the mileage display if a service is due soon. A “spanner” symbol appears and the display “km” with the distance that can be driven until the next service appointment is due. The display will change after approximately 10 seconds. A “clock symbol” appears and the number of days until the service appointment should be carried out. The message displayed in the instrument panel display is5) : SERV. IN ... KM OR ... DAYS. The service message will disappear approximately 20 seconds after the ignition is switched on or the engine is running. The normal display can be resumed by pressing the reset button on the trip counter or by pressing the rocker switch of the MFI  fig. 38 B.

With the ignition switched on, you can call up the current service message by pressing the trip counter reset knob for 2 seconds.

An overdue service is indicated by a minus sign in front of the mileage or day information.

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