Seat Leon >> Remove and install panel trim

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Hot-air blower - SAT 1416-
  • Digital thermometer - SAT 4013-
  • Thrust piece - T20098-
  • Release lever - U 30800-
  • Adhesive strip remover - VAS 6349-

Exterior equipment


  • Remove the front door seal in the lower area.
  • Heat the self-adhesive emblem to approx. 25ºC with the hot air blower - SAT 1416- .
  • Unfasten the emblem with the help of the lever - U 30800- .
  • Remove possible residual adhesive with the tool - VAS 6349- .



  • Do not remove the protective film of the self-adhesive emblem until the assembly work on the vehicle has been completed.
  • If the emblem is installed for the first time on a new vehicle or on newly painted surfaces.
  • The lettering must be bonded in place immediately after cleaning.
  • Remove protective film just before the installation.


  • Clean the area of the tailgate where new self-adhesive company emblem is to be applied with isopropanol or heptanes alcohol.
  • Then treat the area where the new self-adhesive company badge should be applied using silicone cleaner.
  • Allow to dry well.
  • Using the hot air blower - SAT 1416- , heat the application area on the bodywork to approx. 35℃. Check the temperature using the digital thermometer - SAT 4013- .
  • Remove the backing foil from the adhesive surface of the new logo.

Exterior equipment

  • Apply the new self-adhesive badge according to the dimensions specified in the following chart.

Exterior equipment

  • Apply the self-adhesive company badge and press on with a force of around 5 kg using the pressure tool - T20098- .
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