Seat Leon >> Removing and installing A-pillar trim

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Wedge - T10039/1-


Note The inner section of the window well seal is made of metal. If it is bent or distorted, it cannot be straightened out any more and remains "wavy". Therefore, the window well seal must be inserted evenly without being bent.

  • Using the wedge - T10039/1- only carefully remove the last part of the window shaft seal on the outside in the area of the trim.
  • Remove plugs -2-.
  • Unscrew the bolt -1-.
  • Remove the trim-3-.
  • Remove the damping foam.

Exterior equipment


Fit in reverse order from removal, remembering the following:

  • Only install the window shaft seal outside if the trim of the Apillar is already installed.
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