Seat Leon >> Electronic differential lock (EDL)*

The electronic differential lock helps prevent the loss of traction caused if one of the driven wheels starts spinning.

EDL helps the vehicle to start moving, accelerate and climb a gradient in slippery conditions where this may otherwise be difficult or even impossible.

The system will control the revolutions of the drive wheels using the ABS sensors (in case of an EDL fault the warning lamp for ABS lights up) 􀂟 page 78.

At speeds of up to approximately 80 km/h, it is able to balance out differences in the speed of the driven wheels of approximately 100 rpm caused by a slippery road surface on one side of the vehicle. It does this by braking the wheel which has lost traction and distributing more driving force to the other driven wheel via the differential.

To prevent the disc brake of the braked wheel from overheating, the EDL cuts out automatically if subjected to excessive loads. The vehicle will continue to function normally without EDL. For this reason, the driver is not informed that the EDL has been switched off.

The EDL will switch on again automatically when the brake has cooled down.


• When accelerating on a slippery surface, for example on ice and snow, press the accelerator carefully. Despite EDL, the driven wheels may start to spin. This could impair the vehicle's stability.
• Always adapt your driving style to suit road conditions and the traffic situation. Do not let the extra safety afforded by EDL tempt you into taking any risks when driving, this can cause accidents.

Modifications to the vehicle (e. g. to the engine, the brake system, running gear or any components affecting the wheels and tyres) could affect the operation of the EDL

The traction control system (TCS)

The traction control system prevents the drive wheels from spinning when the car is accelerating.

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