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Brake servo

The brake servo amplifies the pressure you apply to the brake pedal. It works only when the engine is running.

If the brake servo is not functioning due to a malfunction, or if the vehicle has to be towed, you will have to press the brake pedal considerably harder to make up for the lack of servo assistance.


The braking distance can also be affected by external factors.

• Never let the vehicle coast with the engine switched off. Failure to do so could result in an accident. The braking distance is increased considerably as the brake servo does not function.
• If the brake servo is not functioning, for example if the vehicle is being towed, you will have to press the brake pedal considerably harder than normal.

Brake assist system (BAS)*

In an emergency, most drivers brake in time, but not with maximum force.

This results in unnecessarily long braking distances.

The brake assist system intervenes here, if you press the brake pedal very quickly, the brake assist system registers an emergency situation. It then very quickly builds up the full brake pressure so that the ABS can be activated more quickly and efficiently, thus reducing the braking distance.

Do not reduce the pressure on the brake pedal. The brake assist system switches off automatically as soon as you release the brake.


• The risk of accident is higher if you drive too fast, if you do not keep your distance from the vehicle in front, and when the road surface is slippery or wet. The increased accident risk cannot be reduced by the brake assist system.
• The brake assist system cannot defy the laws of physics. Slippery and wet roads are dangerous even with the brake assist system! Therefore, it is essential that you adjust your speed to suit the road and traffic conditions.

Do not let the extra safety features tempt you into taking any risks when driving.

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