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The electronic stabilisation program increases the vehicle's stability on the road.

The electronic stabilisation program helps to reduce the danger of skidding.

The electronic stabilisation programme (ESP) consists of ABS, EDL and TCS.

Electronic Stabilising Program (ESP)*
ESP reduces the danger of skidding by braking the wheels individually.

The system uses the steering wheel angle and road speed to calculate the changes of direction desired by the driver, and constantly compares them with the actual behaviour of the vehicle. If the desired course is not being maintained (for instance, if the car is starting to skid), then the ESP compensates automatically by braking the appropriate wheel.

The forces acting on the braked wheel bring the vehicle back to a stable condition. If the vehicle tends to oversteer, the system will act on the front wheel on the outside of the turn.


• It must be remembered that ESP cannot defy the laws of physics. This should be kept in mind, particularly on slippery and wet roads and when towing a trailer.
• Always adapt your driving style to suit the condition of the roads and the traffic situation. Do not let the extra safety afforded by ESP tempt you into taking any risks when driving, this can cause accidents.

• In order to ensure that ESP functions correctly, all four wheels must be fitted with the same tyres. Any differences in the rolling radius of the tyres can cause the system to reduce engine power when this is not desired.
• Modifications to the vehicle (e.g. to the engine, the brake system, running gear or any components affecting the wheels and tyres) could affect the efficiency of the ABS, EDL, ESP and TCS.

To disconnect using the ESP button

Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

The anti-lock brake system prevents the wheels locking during braking.

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