Seat Leon >> Washing the car with a high pressure cleaner

Be particularly careful when using a high pressure cleaner!

– Always observe the instructions for the high-pressure cleaner, particularly those concerning the pressure and the spraying distance.
– Increase the spraying distance for soft materials and painted bumpers.
– Do not use a high pressure cleaner to remove ice or snow from windows.
– Never use concentrated jet nozzles or so-called “dirt blasters” – If possible, avoid sudden braking directly after washing the.
– If possible, avoid sudden braking directly after washing the vehicle. You must “dry” the brakes by applying the brakes carefully several times.


• Never wash tyres with a concentrated jet or cylindrical jet (“rotating nozzle”). Even at large spraying distances and short cleaning times, visible and invisible damage can occur to the tyres. This may cause an accident.
• Moisture, ice and salt on the brakes may affect braking efficiency. Risk of accident.

• Do not use water hotter than 60°C. This could damage the car.
• To avoid damage to the vehicle, maintain a sufficient distance from sensitive materials for example: flexible hoses, plastic, sound proofing, etc. This is especially important for bumpers painted in the same colour as the vehicle.

The closer the nozzle is to the surface, the greater the wear on the material.

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