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Washing the vehicle
– First soften the dirt with plenty of water and rinse off.
– Clean the vehicle with a soft sponge, a glove or a brush. Start on the roof and work your way down. Use only light pressure.
– Rinse the sponge or glove as much as possible.
– Special car shampoo should only be used for very stubborn dirt.
– Clean the wheels, sill panels etc. last using a different sponge or glove.
– Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with water.
– Dry the surface of the vehicle gently using a chamois leather.
– If it is cold, dry the rubber seals and the surfaces they touch with a cloth to prevent them freezing. Apply silicone spray to the rubber seals.

After cleaning the vehicle
– If possible, avoid sudden braking directly after washing the vehicle. You must “dry” the brakes by applying the brakes carefully several times  “Braking effect and braking distance”.


• The ignition must always be switched off before the vehicle is washed.
• Protect your hands and arms from cuts on sharp metal edges when cleaning the underbody, the inside of the wheel housings etc. Risk of injury.
• Moisture, ice and salt on the brakes may affect braking efficiency. Risk of accident.

• Never attempt to remove dirt, mud or dust if the surface of the vehicle is dry. Never use a dry cloth or sponge for cleaning purposes. This could scratch the paintwork or glass on your vehicle.
• Washing the vehicle in cold weather: if the vehicle is rinsed with a hose, do not direct the water into the lock cylinders or the gaps around the doors, luggage compartment, or bonnet. This could cause them to freeze. Otherwise there is a risk of malfunction.

For the sake of the environment
In the interests of environmental protection, the car should be washed only in specially provided wash bays. This prevents toxic, oil-laden waste water entering the sewerage system. In some districts, washing vehicles anywhere else may be prohibited.

Do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight.

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