Seat Leon >> Driving with an automatic gearbox* / DSG automaticgearbox*

The drive and reverse gears are automatically engaged.

Fig. 121 Driving

Fig. 121 Driving

– Press and hold the foot brake.
– Press on the button on the selector lever knob (on the left,  fig. 121.
– Select a gear for driving (R, D or S).
– Release the button and wait a few seconds for the gear to engage, a light jerk will be felt.
– Release the brake and accelerate.

Short stop
– Hold the vehicle stationary with the brake pressed down (for example at traffic lights). The selector lever does not need to be put into the positions P or N for this.
– Do not press the accelerator.

Parking the vehicle
– Press the foot brake and hold to bring the vehicle to a stop.
– Apply the handbrake firmly.
– Press in the button on the selector lever knob, move the lever to the position P and release the button.

Driving slowly
– Move the selector lever to the position D and press to the right to put the lever into Tiptronic mode.
– Press the gear lever towards (-) to select a lower gear.

Hill stop
– Hold the vehicle, in all cases, using the foot brake to prevent rolling back.
– Do not try to slow the vehicle using another forward gear (engine braking).

Descending gradients
– With the gear engaged, release the brake and accelerate.

The steeper the gradient the lower the gear must be for effective engine braking. For example, if 3rd gear is used on a very steep gradient, the engine braking is insufficient and vehicle accelerates. So that the engine speed does not become excessive, the gearbox changes to the next highest gear. Depress the brake pedal and move the selector lever to the Tiptronic gate to return to 3rd gear.


• The driver should never leave the vehicle while the engine is running or with any gear selected. If for any reason you must leave the vehicle with the engine running, apply the handbrake and move the selector lever to position P.
• When the engine is running and the positions D, S or R are selected, it is necessary to hold the vehicle with the foot brake because the vehicle will creep at a low speed.
• Never accelerate while changing the position of the selector lever (risk of an accident).
• The selector lever must never be moved into the positions R or P while moving (risk of an accident).
• Before descending a steep gradient, reduce speed and use the Tiptronic programme to select a lower gear.
• If you must stop on a hill, always hold the vehicle using the footbrake to avoid rolling back.
• The footbrake must not be held for a long period of time, not even lightly; continuous braking will cause overheating of the brakes and a reduction or even a loss of braking power and a significant increase in braking distances.
• Never allow the vehicle to coast down a gradient with the selector lever in positions N or D, even when the engine is not running. For descents, the use of the Tiptronic programme is recommended to keep the speed reduced.

• Never use the automatic gearbox to hold the vehicle stationary on a hill, even for short periods, as this may overheat the gearbox and cause damage.

Apply the handbrake or depress the foot brake to hold the vehicle in position.
• If the vehicle is allowed to roll with the engine stopped but the selector in position N then the gearbox may be damaged because it will not be lubricated.

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