Seat Leon >> Using the Tiptronic gear system

The Tiptronic system allows the driver to manually select gears

Fig. 122 Changing gear

Fig. 122 Changing gear with Tiptronic

Fig. 123 Steering wheel

Fig. 123 Steering wheel with levers for the automatic gearbox

General points about the Tiptronic gear system

Changing gear with the selector lever
– Put the lever in the position D and press towards the right to enter the Tiptronic gate  fig. 122.
– Press the gear lever forwards (+) to select a higher gear.
– Press the gear lever back (-) to select a lower gear.

Changing gear using the steering wheel levers
– Press the right lever (+) towards the steering wheel to change up  fig. 123.
– Press the left lever (-) towards the steering wheel to change down  fig. 123.

The manual programme can be selected with the levers on the steering wheel irrespective of the driving mode which has been preselected.

General points about the Tiptronic gear system
When accelerating, the automatic/DSG gearbox automatically shifts up to the next gear shortly before the maximum permitted engine speed is reached.

If a lower gear is selected, the automatic gearbox / direct shift gearbox does not change down until the point is reached where the engine could no longer overrev.

If the “tiptronic” is selected whilst the vehicle is in motion and the automatic gearbox / direct shift gearbox is in the 3rd gear in selector lever position D, the “tiptronic” will then also be in the 3rd gear.

• The steering wheel controls may be used in all selector lever positions while driving.

    Driving with an automatic gearbox* / DSG automaticgearbox*
    The drive and reverse gears are automatically engaged. Fig. 121 Driving Driving – Press and hold the foot brake. – Press on the button on the selector lever knob (on the left,  fig. 12 ...


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