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The front passenger must sit at least 25 cm away from the dash panel so that the airbag can provide the greatest possible protection in the event that it is triggered.

For your own safety and to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident, we recommend the following adjustments for the front passenger:

– Move the front passenger seat back as far as possible – Move the backrest to an upright position so that your back rests.
– Move the backrest to an upright position so that your back rests completely against it.
– Adjust the head restraint so that its upper edge is at the same level as the top of your head, or as close as possible to the same level as the top of your head.
– Keep both feet in the foot well in front of the front passenger seat.
– Always fasten your seat belt correctly before driving off.

It is possible to deactivate the passenger airbag in exceptional circumstances.

For detailed information on how to adjust the front passenger's seat


• An incorrect sitting position of the front passenger can lead to severe injuries.
• Adjust the front passenger seat so that there is at least 25 cm between your breastbone and the dash panel. If you are sitting nearer than 25 cm, the airbag system cannot protect you properly.
• If your physical constitution prevents you from maintaining the minimum distance of 25 cm, contact a qualified workshop. The workshop will help you decide if special specific modifications are necessary.
• Always keep your feet in the foot well when the vehicle is moving; never rest them on the instrument panel, out the window or on the seat. An incorrect sitting position exposes you to an increased risk of injury in the event of a braking manoeuvre or an accident. If the airbag is triggered, you could sustain severe injuries due to an incorrect sitting position.
• To reduce the risk of injury to the front passenger during sudden braking manoeuvres or an accident, never travel with the backrest tilted far back! The airbag system and seat belts can only provide optimal protection when the backrest is in an upright position and the front passenger is wearing his or her seat belt properly. The further the backrests are tilted to the rear, the greater the risk of injury due to incorrect positioning of the belt web or the incorrect sitting position!
• Adjust the head restraint properly to achieve maximum protection.

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