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Passengers in the rear seats must sit up straight, keep their feet in the foot wells and wear their seat belts properly.

To reduce the risk of injury in the event of a sudden braking manoeuvre or an accident, passengers on the rear bench seat must observe the following:

– Adjust the headrest to the correct position.
– Keep both feet in the foot well in front of the rear seat.
– Always fasten your seat belt correctly before driving off.
– Use an appropriate child restraint system when you take children in the vehicle.


• If the passengers on the rear seat are not sitting properly, they could sustain severe injuries.
• Adjust the head restraint properly to achieve maximum protection.
• Seat belts can only provide optimal protection when backrests are in an upright position and the passengers are wearing their seat belts properly.

If passengers on the rear seat are not sitting in an upright position, the risk of injury due to incorrect positioning of the belt web increases.

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