Seat Leon >> Removing and installing wheel bearing housing

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Ball joint puller - 3287A-
  • Spreader - 3424-
  • Ball joint puller - T10187-
  • Torque wrenches - V.A.G 1332-
  • Engine elevator - V.A.G 1383 A-
  • Rotation angle spanner - V.A.G 1756-

Front suspension


  • Remove bolt for drive shaft.

Wheel bearings must not be subjected to load after loosening bolt securing drive shaft at wheel hub.

If they have to support the weight of the vehicle they will be damages and their service life will be reduced.

It is not permissible to turn drive shaft bolt more than 90º anticlockwise if vehicle is standing on its wheels.

Do not attempt to move the vehicle without the drive shafts fitted; this would result in wheel bearing damage. If it is necessary for a vehicle to be moved, please comply with the following instructions:

  • Install an outer joint instead of the drive shaft.
  • Tighten outer joint to 120 Nm.
  • Remove front wheel on affected side.
  • Remove the ABS speed sensor.
  • Remove brake disc.
  • Detach bracket for brake line and electrical wiring from wheel bearing housing and move clear.
  • Remove splash plate -1- from wheel bearing housing -arrows-.
  • Loosen nut on track rod ball joint but do not remove completely.

Front suspension

  • Press track rod off wheel bearing housing using ball joint puller - T10187- -1-.

Leave nut screwed several turns onto track rod ball joint shank to protect thread.

  • Unscrew nut, and remove track rod upwards from wheel bearing housing.

Front suspension

Vehicles with vehicle level senders

  • Remove nut -1-.
  • Pull bracket -2- for front left vehicle level sender - G78- and/or for front right vehicle level sender - G289- out of suspension link -3-, as applicable

Front suspension

Continuation for all models:

  • Unscrew nuts -arrows-.
  • Pull swivel joint out of suspension link.
  • Pull outer joint of drive shaft out of wheel hub.
  • Secure drive shaft to body with wire.
  • Position engine and gearbox jack - V.A.G 1383 A- under wheel bearing housing.

Front suspension

  • Remove the threaded steering knuckle/suspension strut union -arrow-.

Front suspension

  • Fit Separator device - 3424- in the steering knuckle groove.

Note Make sure that the spreader - 3424- is only inserted into the wheel bearing housing. Insert sufficiently to ensure that the metal tab of the suspension strut is not damaged.

  • Turn ratchet handle through 90º and detach from spreader - 3424- .
  • Pull wheel bearing housing from suspension strut.

Front suspension

Note If wheel bearing housing is renewed, swivel joint must be transferred.

New nuts must be used for this purpose.


Carry out installation in the reverse sequence, noting the following:


  • Lever on vehicle level sender must face towards outside of vehicle.
  • Thread of vehicle level sender must be screwed into outer hole in suspension link. Retaining lug for vehicle level sender must engage in inner hole in order to guarantee correct installation position.


  • On vehicles with vehicle level sender, carry out basic settings for wheel damper electronics - Vehicle diagnostic tester.

Specified torques

  • Screw for speed sender .
  • Bolts for splash plate, brake caliper, brake disc .
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