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Adjustment of the front seats

Fig. 90 Front left seat

Fig. 90 Front left seat controls

The control elements in  fig. 90 are mirrored for the front righthand seat.

1 Adjusting the seat forwards and backwards
– Pull up the grip and move the seat forwards or backwards.
– Then release the grip 1 and move the seat further until the catch engages.

2 Adjusting the seat height*
– Pull the lever up or push down (several times if necessary) from its home position. This adjusts the seat height in stages.

3 Adjusting the backrest angle
– Take your weight off the backrest and turn the hand wheel.

4 Adjusting the lumbar support*
– Take your weight off the backrest and turn the hand wheel to adjust the lumbar support.

The backrest curvature of the cushioned area is determined by the settings made in the lumbar region. This supports the natural curvature of the spine very effectively.


• Never adjust the driver or front passenger seat while the vehicle is in motion. While adjusting your seat, you will assume an incorrect sitting position. Risk of fatal accidents. Adjust the driver or front passenger seat only when the vehicle is stationary.
• To reduce the risk of injury to the driver and front passenger during sudden braking manoeuvres or an accident, never drive with the backrest tilted far to the rear. The maximum protection of the seat belt can be achieved only when the backrests are in an upright position and the driver and front passenger have properly adjusted their seat belts. The further the backrests are tilted to the rear, the greater the risk of injury due to improper positioning of the belt web!
• Exercise caution when adjusting the seat height or forwards/backwards position. Injuries can be caused if the backrest is tilted without due care and attention.

Heated seats*

The front seat cushions and backrests can be heated electrically.

Fig. 91 Thumb wheel for

Fig. 91 Thumb wheel for the front seat heating

– Turn the appropriate thumb wheel  fig. 91 to switch on the seat heating. The seat heating is switched off in the 0 position.

The seat heating only works when the ignition is switched on. The left thumb wheel controls the left seat and the right thumb wheel the right seat.

To avoid damaging the heating elements, please do not kneel on the seat or apply sharp pressure at a single point to the seat cushion and backrest.

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