Seat Leon >> Engine oil: checking levels


  • Engine oil temperature min. 60 ºC
  • Vehicle standing on a flat surface
  • After shutting off engine, wait at least 3 minutes so that the oil can flow back into the sump.


  • Pull out the dipstick, wipe with a clean cloth and insert again as far as it will go.
  • Pull oil dipstick out again and read oil level.

NOTICE Observe environmental requirements for disposal.

Markings on oil dipstick:

  1. - Oil must not be replenished.
  2. - It is not necessary to top up the oil. However, the oil can be topped up, whereby it must be ensured that the oil level does not exceed area -A-.
  3. - oil must be added. The oil level must then lie in the striped area -B-.


NOTICE A danger exists of damaging the catalytic converter when oil level is above area -A-.

  • If it is necessary to add engine oil, observe the specifications.
    Engine oil standards
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