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NOTICE Only applicable for Chinese and Russian market.

Use only additives in accordance with the standards VW 507 53 A or VW 507 53 B.

Observe the dosing instructions on the additive container.

After adding the additive, always recommend the customer to fill up the tank completely in order for the additive to be the most effective.

  • Fill multi-purpose additive for petrol fuels into regular fuel tank during each service.


Brake system: check for leaks and damage

Check for possible leaks and damage in the following components:

  • Brake master cylinder
  • Brake servo (in the ABS: hydraulic unit)
  • Brake pressure regulator and
  • Brake calliper
  • Ensure that brake hoses are not twisted.
  • When turning the steering wheel to its limits, ensure that the brake hoses do not come into contact with any vehicle part.
  • Check brake hoses for porosity and ruptures.
  • Check brake hoses and lines for chafing.
  • Check correct seating of the connections and fittings, as well as signs of corrosion and possible leaks.

Detected faults must be rectified (equivalent to a repair measure).

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    Thickness of brake pads and condition of brake discs, front and rear: Check
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