Seat Leon >> Removing and installing spray jets


  • Switch off ignition and all electrical consumers.

Vehicles without access and start authorisation system

  • Remove ignition key, if fitted.

Vehicles with access and start authorisation system

  • Store the ignition key outside the vehicle to prevent the ignition from being switched on unintentionally.

Continued for all vehicles

  • Unclip the windscreen spray jet from the front of the flap -1- -arrow-.

  • Release the safety lock -3- in -the direction of the arrow- and remove the washer fluid hose -2- from the wash water spray jet.
  • If present, disconnect electrical connector -1-.

Windscreen wash/wipe system


Installation is carried out in the reverse sequence; note the following:

  • When pushing on the washer fluid hose, take care that you can hear the retaining clips locking in to the connection of the washer fluid hose.
  • Insert spray jet in bonnet.
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