Seat Leon >> Removing and installing wiper blade


  • Move windscreen wipers to service position
  • Lift wiper arm off windscreen.
  • Push the retainer -arrow A- and pull on the wiper blade -1-, as far as it will go. Bend the wiper blade and take it out of the wiper arm -2- -arrow B-.
  • Detach wiper blade.

Windscreen wash/wipe system



Risk of damage to body.

  • The wiper blades for driver's and front passenger's side have different lengths.

Installation is carried out in the reverse sequence; note the following:

  • Guide wiper blade -1- into wiper arm -2- in parallel position -arrow-. Make sure that retaining clip on wiper blade engages audibly in wiper arm when fitting wiper blade.
  • The wipers will leave the "service position" when you operate the switch for the windscreen wipers or when road speed exceeds 6 km/h.

Windscreen wash/wipe system

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