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SEAT Leon Service and Repair Manual / General body repairs, exterior / Sunroof / Panorama sliding roof / Removing and installing sunroof roller blind cables



  • Remove moulded headlining.
  • Remove sun blind motor.
  • Remove sun blind.
  • Remove bolts -arrows- of cable covers -1- and -3-.
  • Loosen the retainers -arrow A- and the cable covers -1- and -3- remove.

Note In case the spring plate -2- remains in the rear part -4- remove it.


  • Lift guide pipe -1- out of cable support bracket -6-.
  • Pull cable -5- out of blind rail -4-.



The installation is carried out in reverse order of removal for the removal procedures described.

Tighten screw -arrows-, specified torque: 2 Nm

Note Do not grease motor plate and sun blind cables.

  • Install sun blind.
  • Install sun blind motor.
  • Install moulded headliner.
  • On completion of all work, carry out a normalisation run for all panoramic sliding roof drives.
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