Seat Leon >> Removing and installing sliding sunroof frame


Note A second mechanic is required for removing and installing assembly frame.


  • Remove moulded headlining.
  • Pull water drain hoses off connecting pieces -arrows- on mounting frame -2-.
  • Remove bolts -4- and -5- and remove the bracket -3-.
  • Disconnect connector to wiring harness on sliding roof motor -5-.
  • Loosen bolts -1-, but do not remove completely.

Further dismantling requires the help of another mechanic.

  • Unscrew bolts -1- and take assembly frame out of vehicle.



  • Lift assembly frame -1- into vehicle with the help of at least a second mechanic.
  • When bolting assembly frame, use 2 cylindrical pins (with the smooth side of the drill ø 10mm) to align frame with centring holes -a- (oblong hole) and -b- and with roof.
  • Screw in bolts -2- but do not fully tighten.


tighten bolts -1- in the specified sequence from -A- to -I-.

  • Bolt tightening torque 8 Nm.
  • Fit the bracket -3- and tighten the bolts -4- and -5- in the specified sequence.
  • Bolt tightening torque 8 Nm.

Continue installation in reverse order.

  • Install moulded headliner.
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