Seat Leon >> Before starting every trip

The driver bears the responsibility for his passengers and the operational worthiness of the vehicle.

For your own safety and the safety of your passengers, always note the following points before every trip:

– Ensure that the vehicle's lights and turn signals operate flawlessly.
– Check tyre pressure.
– Ensure that all windows provide a clear and good view of the surroundings.
– Securely restrain all parcels.
– Make sure that no objects can interfere with the pedals.
– Adjust front seat, head restraint and mirrors properly for your size.
– Ensure that the passengers in the rear seats always have the head restraints in the in-use position.
– Instruct passengers to adjust the head restraints according to their height.
– Protect children with appropriate child seats and properly applied seat belts .
– Assume the correct sitting position. Instruct your passengers also to assume a proper sitting position .
– Always fasten your seat belt correctly before driving off. Instruct your passengers also to fasten their seat belts properly.

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