Seat Leon >> Removing and installing tank flap unit

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Release lever - U30800-


  • Loosen the drain tube from the fixing on the wheel housing -arrow-.
  • Open the fuel tank flap and unscrew the fuel plug.

Bonnet, rear lid

  • Unscrew the bolt -1-.
  • Insert the lever - U 30800- between the tank flap unit and the side plate in the area near to -arrow a-.

Bonnet, rear lid


Risk of damage to parts.

  • Using a flat screwdriver, apply pressure to the soft point marked with -arrow a- and remove the retaining clip.
  • Repeat the steps carried out for the other retaining clips (see arrows -b-, -c- and -d-).
  • Remove the unit -1- from the rear side plate. For this purpose, first pull outwards -arrow e- and then pull to the left -arrow f-.


Bonnet, rear lid

  • Guide the drain pipe -1- through the opening in the side plate through the rear wheel housing, without fixing it.
  • Have the opening of the unit -3- engage in the tank filler.
  • Engage the unit -3- in the side plate, when doing so, first guide in on the side of the hinge -arrow a-.
  • Then guide in the unit -3- in the direction of -arrow b-. Make sure not to damage the tank flap lock - V155- .-2-.
  • Screw in the cover and close the fuel tank flap.

Bonnet, rear lid

  • Engage the drain tube to the fixing on the wheel housing -arrow-.

Bonnet, rear lid

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