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Allocation of PR number - brakes

The type of brake system installed in the vehicle is indicated amongst other things by the corresponding PR number on the vehicle data sticker.

The vehicle data sticker can be found in the spare wheel well and in the service booklet.

  • Correspondence - Electronic parts catalogue .
  • The following table explains the PR numbers. These are important for the brake caliper/brake disc and brake pads.


  • To find information about the rear brake, please search in ELSA/ Vehicle-specific notes.

In this example, the rear brake "1KD" is installed in the vehicle.

Technical data

Safety instructions

Safety precautions when using testers and measuring instruments during a road test

Risk of injuries due to unsecured test and measuring equipment


If a front passenger airbag is triggered during an accident, insufficiently secured test and measuring equipment can become dangerous projectiles.

  • Secure test and measuring equipment with seat belts on the rear seat.
  • O
  • Have a second person operate test and measuring equipment on the rear seat.

Technical data for brakes

Front brakes

Front brake FS III:

Technical data

Front brakes FN III:

Technical data

Front brake Brembo:

Technical data

Rear brakes

Rear brake CI 38:

Technical data

Technical data

Rear brakes PC 38 and CII 41:

Technical data

Technical data

Rear brakes FNc-M38 (15"):

Technical data

    Brake testing
    General instructions The drive is provided by the test rig. During the test the gearbox must be in neutral on manual gearboxes or in position N on automatic gearboxes. Follow the instruction ...

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