Seat Leon >> Fuel tank lid unit

Exploded view - tank flap unit

Bonnet, rear lid

  1. - Tank filler flap locking motor - V155-
  2. - Fuel tank lid unit
  3. - Tank flap unit
    • With securing tag
  4. - Trim panel
    • Secured to cover of unit with retaining clips
  5. - Bolt.
    • 1x
    • 1.5+- 0.2 Nm
  6. - Rear wheel housing
  7. - Water drainage pipe
Gas shock absorber: removing and fitting
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Removing and installing tank flap unit
Special tools and workshop equipment required Release lever - U30800- Removing Loosen the drain tube from the fixing on the wheel housing -arrow-. Open the fuel tank flap and unscrew ...

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