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Your vehicle is equipped with the tyre repair kit called the Tyre mobility system.

Beneath the floor of the stowage compartment there is a sealant and a compressor which should be used in case of puncture.

The Tyre Mobility System will allow you to safely repair damage to a tyre by penetration of a foreign object to 4mm diameter.

The foreign object can be left inside the tyre.

The sealant comes with instructions for use.

There is also a guide to using the compressor.


• The sealant should not be used if the tyre has been damaged as a result of going flat.
• Follow the instructions for your safety and use on the compressor and the sealant packaging.
• Do not drive at more than 80 km/h, avoid accelerating or braking hard or taking curves at high speed.
• A tyre that has been repaired with sealant should only be used provisionally, and for a short time. Therefore, your car should be taken carefully to the nearest specialised workshop.

For the sake of the environment
If you want to dispose of the sealant bottle, go to a company that treats waste products.

Seek professional assistance if the repair of a tyre puncture is not possible with the sealing compound.

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