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What you must do before changing a wheel.

– If you have a flat tyre or puncture, park the vehicle as far away from the flow of traffic as possible.
– Apply the handbrake firmly.
– Engage the first gear, or put the selector lever to position P for those vehicles with an automatic gearbox.
– All passengers must leave the vehicle. They should wait in a safe area (for instance behind the roadside crash barrier).
– Check whether the puncture can be mended using the Tyre Mobility System “General observations and safety advice.”
– Unscrew cap from the valve of the affected wheel.
– Take the tyre repair kit from the luggage compartment.


Put the hazard warning lights on and place the warning triangle in position.

This is for your own safety and also warns other road users.

Take the utmost caution when repairing a flat tyre on a gradient.

Please observe legal requirements when doing so.

    General Observations and safety advice
    Your vehicle is equipped with the tyre repair kit called the Tyre mobility system. Beneath the floor of the stowage compartment there is a sealant and a compressor which should be used in case of ...

    Repairing the puncture
    To repair the puncture, once the preliminary tasks are done, follow these steps. Apply the sealant – The instructions for using the sealant correctly are on the packaging Inflate the tyres. – ...

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