Seat Leon >> Removing and fitting the wheel

For removing and fitting the wheel, the following tasksmust be completed.

Fig. 158 Wheel change:

Fig. 158 Wheel change: Hexagon socket in screwdriver handle to turn the wheel bolts after they have been loosened

Change the wheel as described below after loosening the wheel bolts and raising the vehicle with the jack.

Removing a wheel
– Unscrew the bolts using the hexagonal tool in the handle of the screwdriver (vehicle tool) and place them on a clean surface  fig. 158.

Fitting a wheel
– Screw in the wheel bolts and tighten them lightly using the hexagonal socket in the screwdriver handle.

The wheel bolts should be clean and turn easily. Before fitting the spare wheel, inspect the condition of the wheel and hub mounting surfaces. These surfaces must be clean before fitting the wheel.

The hexagonal socket in the screwdriver handle makes it easier to turn the wheel bolts when they are loose. The reversible screwdriver blade should be removed when the tool is used for this purpose.

If tyres with a specific direction of rotation are fitted, note the direction of rotation.

Do not use the hexagonal socket in the screwdriver handle to loosen or tighten the wheel bolts.

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