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The vehicle must be raised with a jack to remove the wheel.

Fig. 156 The jacking

Fig. 156 The jacking points

Fig. 157 Fitting the jack

Fig. 157 Fitting the jack

– Locate the jacking point under the door sill closest to the wheel being changed  fig. 156.
– Wind up the jack under the jacking point until the arm of the jack is directly below the vertical rib under the door sill.
– Align the jack so that the arm of the jack fits around the rib under the door sill and the movable base plate of the jack is flat on the ground  fig. 157.
– Raise the vehicle until the defective wheel is just clear of the ground.

Recesses at the front and rear of the door sills mark the jacking points  fig. 156. A position has been made for each wheel. Do not fit the jack anywhere else.

An unstable surface under the jack may cause the vehicle to slip off the jack.

Therefore, the jack must be fitted on solid ground offering good support. Use a large and stable base, if necessary. On a hard, slippery surface (such as tiles) use a rubber mat or similar to prevent the jack from slipping.


• Take all precautions so that the base of the jack does not slip. Failure to do so could result in an accident.
• The vehicle can be damaged if the jack is not applied at the correct jacking points. There is also a risk of injury since the jack can slip off suddenly if it is not properly engaged.

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