Seat Leon >> Loosening the wheel bolts

The wheel bolts must be loosened before raising the vehicle.

Fig. 155 Changing the

Fig. 155 Changing the wheel: Loosening the wheel bolts

– Fit the box spanner as far as it will go over the wheel bolt.

– Grasp the box spanner by the end and turn it about one full turn to the left  fig. 155.

– Fit the box spanner as far as it will go over the wheel bolt.
– Grasp the box spanner close to the end and turn the bolt to the right until it is secured.
– An adapter is required to unscrew or tighten the anti-theft wheel bolts.


Loosen the wheel bolts only about one turn before raising the vehicle with the jack, loosening the wheel bolts more than one turn can result in an accident.

• Do not use the hexagonal socket in the screwdriver handle to loosen or tighten the wheel bolts.
• If the wheel bolt is very tight, you may be able to loosen it by pushing down the end of the spanner carefully with your foot. Hold on to the vehicle for support and take care not to slip.

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