Seat Leon >> Checking tyre pressure

The correct tyre pressure can be seen on the sticker on the inside of the tank flap.

1. Read the required tyre inflation pressure from the sticker. The values refer to Summer tyres. For Winter tyres, you must add 0.2 bar to the values given on the sticker.
2. The tyre pressures should only be checked when the tyres are cold. The slightly raised pressures of warm tyres must not be reduced.
3. Adjust the tyre pressure to the load you are carrying.

Tyre pressure
The correct tyre pressure is especially important at high speeds. The pressure should therefore be checked at least once a month and before starting a journey.


A tyre can easily burst if the pressure is too low, causing an accident! • At continuously high speeds, a tyre with insufficient pressure flexes more. In this way it becomes too hot, and this can cause tread separation and tyre blow-out. Always observe the recommended tyre pressures.
• If the tyre pressure is too low or too high, the tyres will wear prematurely and the vehicle will not handle well. Risk of accident!

For the sake of the environment
Under-inflated tyres will increase fuel consumption.

    General notes
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