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Avoiding damage
– If you have to drive over a kerb or similar obstacle, drive very slowly and as near as possible at a right angle to the kerb.
– Keep grease, oil and fuel off the tyres.
– Inspect the tyres regularly for damage (cuts, cracks or blisters, etc.). Remove any foreign objects embedded in the treads.

Storing tyres
– Mark tyres when you remove them to indicate the direction of rotation. This ensures you will be able to install them correctly when you replace them.
– When removed, the wheels and/or tyres should be stored in a cool, dry and preferably dark location.
– Store tyres in a vertical position if they are not fitted on wheel rims.

New tyres
New tyres have to be run-in.

The tread depth of new tyres may vary, according to the type and make of tyre and the tread pattern.

Concealed damage
Damage to tyres and rims is often not readily visible. If you notice unusual vibrations or the car pulling to one side, this may indicate that one of the tyres is damaged. The tyres should be checked immediately by an Authorised Service Centre.

Tyres with directional tread pattern
An arrow on the tyre sidewall indicates the direction of rotation on tyres with directional tread. Always observe the direction of rotation indicated when fitting the wheel. This guarantees optimum grip and helps to avoid aquaplaning, excessive noise and wear.


• New tyres do not have maximum grip in the first 500 km. Drive particularly carefully to avoid risk of accident.
• Never drive with damaged tyres. This may cause an accident.
• If you notice unusual vibration or if the vehicle pulls to one side when driving, stop the vehicle immediately and check the tyres for damage.


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