Seat Leon >> Changing the brake fluid

The brake fluid must be renewed every two years.

We recommend that you have the brake fluid changed by an Authorised Service Centre.

Before opening the bonnet, please read and follow the warnings “Safety instructions on working in the engine compartment” on page 198 in in “Safety instructions on working in the engine compartment” on page 198 in “Working in the engine compartment”.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture. In the course of time, it will absorb water from the ambient air. If the water content in the brake fluid is too high, the brake system could corrode. This also considerably reduces the boiling point of the brake fluid. Heavy use of the brakes may then cause a vapour lock which could impair the braking effect.

For this reason the brake fluid must be renewed every two years.

It is important that you use only use brake fluid compliant with the US standard FMVSS 116 DOT 4. We recommend the use of Genuine SEAT brake fluid.


Brake fluid is poisonous. Old brake fluid impairs the braking effect.
• Before opening the bonnet to check the brake fluid level, read and observe the warnings.
• Brake fluid should be stored in the closed original container in a safe place out of reach of children. There is a toxic risk.
• Have the brake fluid changed every two years at the latest. Heavy use of the brakes may cause a vapour lock if the brake fluid is left in the system for too long. This would seriously affect the efficiency of the brakes and the safety of the vehicle. This may cause an accident.

Brake fluid could damage the paintwork. Wipe off any brake fluid from the paintwork immediately.

For the sake of the environment
Brake fluid must be drained and disposed of in the proper manner observing environmental regulations.

    Checking the brake fluid level
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