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It is possible to fit a towing bracket to the rear of the vehicle.

Fig. 139 Attachment

Fig. 139 Attachment points for towing bracket

If a towing bracket is to be fitted after the vehicle is purchased, this must be completed according to the instructions of the towing bracket manufacturer.

The attachment points for the towing bracket A are underneath the vehicle.

The distance between the centre of the ball coupling and the ground should never be lower than the measurement indicated when the vehicle is fully loaded including the maximum resting weight.

Measurement for securing the towing bracket:

B 65 mm (minimum)
C 350 mm to 420 mm (fully laden vehicle)
D 357 mm
E 569 mm
F 875 mm
G 1,040 mm

Fitting a towing bracket
• Driving with a trailer implies additional work for the vehicle. Therefore, before fitting a towing bracket, please contact an Authorised Service Centre to check whether your cooling system needs modification.
• Observe the legal requirements in your country (e.g. the fitting of a separate warning lamp).
• Certain vehicle components, e.g. the rear bumper must be removed and reinstalled. The towing bracket securing bolts must be tightened using a torque wrench, and an electrical socket must be used to connect to the vehicle's electrical system. This requires specialist knowledge and tools.
• The figures in the illustration show the dimensions and attachment points that must be observed if you are retrofitting a towing bracket.


Towing brackets should be fitted by specialists.

• If the towing bracket is incorrectly installed, there is serious danger of an accident.
• For your own safety, please observe the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the towing bracket.

• If the electrical socket is incorrectly installed, this could cause damage to the vehicle's electrical system.

For the sports model (FR, Cupra...), fitting of a trailer bracket is not recommended due to the design of the bumpers.

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