Seat Leon >> Mobile telephones and two-way radios

You will require an external aerial for mobile phones and twoway radios.

SEAT has approved your vehicle for use with mobile telephones and two-way radios providing the following conditions are observed:

• The correct installation of an external aerial,
• transmitting power of maximum 10 watts.

An external aerial is needed to give the equipment its optimal range.

First consult your Authorised Service Centre if you wish to use a mobile telephone or a two-way radio with a transmitting power in excess of 10 watts.

Here you will receive information concerning the technical possibilities for retrofitting this equipment.

Mobile telephones and two-way radios should be fitted only by a qualified workshop, for example an Authorised Service Centre.


• Always concentrate primarily on driving. If you are distracted while driving you could have an accident.
• Never attach the telephone mountings to the surfaces covering the airbag units or within the range of the airbags, danger of injury if the airbag is triggered.
• If you use mobile telephones or two-way radios in the vehicle without an external aerial, electromagnetic radiation in the vehicle could exceed authorised limits. This also applies to external aerials that have not been correctly installed.

Failure to observe the above conditions could cause the electronics to malfunction. The most common causes of faults are: • no external aerial,
• external aerial incorrectly installed,
• transmitting power in excess of 10 watts.

Please observe the operating instructions of your mobile telephone / two-way radio.

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