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Diesel can thicken in winter.

Winter-grade diesel
When using “summer-grade diesel fuel”, difficulties may be experienced at sub-zero temperatures because the fuel thickens due to wax separation. For this reason, “winter-grade diesel fuel” is available in some countries during the cold months. It can be used at temperatures as low as -22°C.

In countries with different climatic conditions the diesel fuel sold generally has different temperature characteristics. Check with an Authorised Service Centre or filling stations in the country concerned regarding the type of diesel fuels available.

Filter pre-heater
Your vehicle is fitted with a fuel filter pre-heater, making it well equipped for operation in winter. This ensures that the fuel system remains operational to approx. -24°C, provided you use winter-grade diesel which is safe to -15°C.

However, if the fuel has waxed to such an extent that the engine will not start at temperatures of under -24°C, simply place the vehicle in a warm place for a while.

Do not mix fuel additives (“thinners”, or similar additives) with diesel fuel.

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