Seat Leon >> Cleaning windows and exterior mirrors

Cleaning the windows
– Moisten the windows with commercially available, alcohol based glass cleaner.
– Dry the windows with a clean chamois leather or a lint-free cloth.

Removing snow
– Use a small brush to remove snow from the windows and mirrors.

Removing ice
– Use a de-icer spray.

Use a clean cloth or chamois leather to dry the windows. Chamois leathers that have been used on painted surfaces are not suitable for use on windows.

They will be soiled with wax deposits that would smear the windows.

If possible use a de-icing spray to remove ice. If you use an ice scraper, push it in one direction only. Do not move it to and fro.

Use window cleaner or a silicone remover to clean off rubber, oil, grease and silicone deposits.

Wax deposits have to be removed with a special cleaner that is available from your Authorised Service Centre. Wax deposits on the windscreen could cause the wiper blades to judder. A window cleaner specifically for removing wax will stop the blades juddering if added to the windscreen washer fluid.

Grease removing cleaners will not remove wax deposits.

• Never use warm or hot water to remove snow and ice from windows and mirrors. This could cause the glass to crack!
• The heating element for the rear window is located on the inner side of the window. To prevent damage, do not put stickers over the heating elements on the inside of the window.

Cleaning windscreen wiper blades

Clean wiper blades are essential for clear vision.

1. Use a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt from the windscreen wiper blades.
2. Use window cleaner to clean the windscreen wiper blades. Use a sponge or a cloth to remove stubborn stains.

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