Seat Leon >> Care of rubber seals

If rubber seals are well looked after, they will not freeze so quickly.

1. Use a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt from the rubber seals.
2. Apply a specialist care product to the rubber seals.

The weather strips on the doors, windows, bonnet and rear lid will remain pliable and last longer if they are treated with a suitable care product (for example silicone spray).

Caring for rubber seals will also prevent premature ageing and leaks. The doors will be easier to open. If rubber seals are well looked after, they will not freeze so quickly in winter.

Door lock cylinders

The door lock cylinders can freeze up in winter.

To de-ice the lock cylinders you should only use spray with lubricating and anti-corrosive properties.

Cleaning chrome parts

1. Clean chrome parts with a damp cloth.
2. Polish chrome parts with a soft, dry cloth.

If this does not provide satisfying results, use a specialist chrome cleaning product. Chrome cleaning products will remove stains and coatings from the surface.

To prevent scratching chrome surfaces: • Never use an abrasive care product on chrome.
• Do not clean or polish chrome parts in a sandy or dusty environment.

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