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Driving a car with a manual gearbox

Fig. 116 Detail of the

Fig. 116 Detail of the centre console: Shift diagram of a 5-speed manual gearbox

Fig. 117 Detail of the

Fig. 117 Detail of the centre console: Shift diagram of a 6-speed manual gearbox

Selecting the reverse gear
– The vehicle should be stationary with the engine idling. Press the clutch right down.
– Place the gear lever into neutral gate and push the lever all the way down.
– Slide the gearlever to the left, and then into the reverse position shown on the gear lever.

The reverse gear can only be engaged when the vehicle is stationary. When the engine is running, before engaging this gear wait about 6 seconds with the clutch pressed in fully in order to protect the gearbox.

The reversing lights come on when the reverse gear is selected and the ignition is on.


• When the engine is running, the vehicle will start to move as soon as a gear is engaged and the clutch released.
• Never select the reverse gear when the vehicle is in motion. Risk of accident.

• Do not rest your hand on the gear lever when driving. The pressure of your hand could cause premature wear on the selector forks in the gearbox.
• When changing gear, you should always depress the clutch fully to avoid unnecessary wear and damage.
• Do not hold the car “on the clutch” on hills. This causes premature wear and damage to the clutch.

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