Seat Leon >> Switching off the engine

– Stopping the engine.
– Turn the ignition key to position  fig. 115 0.

After the engine is switched off the radiator fan may run on for up to 10 minutes, even if the ignition is switched off. It is also possible that it will turn itself on once more if the temperature of the coolant increases due to the elimination of built-up heat in the engine compartment or if this is heated due to prolonged exposure to the heat of the sun.


• Never switch off the engine until the vehicle is stationary.
• The brake servo works only when the engine is running. You will need more strength to brake the vehicle when the engine is switched off. As you cannot brake in the normal manner, there is a greater risk of accidents and serious injury.
• The steering lock can engage immediately when the key is removed from the ignition lock. The vehicle cannot be steered. Risk of accident.

If the engine has been driven hard for a long period, the engine could overheat when it is switched off. Risk of engine damage. For this reason, you should idle the engine for approx. 2 minutes before you switch it off.

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