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Electronic stabilisation programme (ESP)*

ESP helps make driving safer in certain situations.

Fig. 114 Detail of the

Fig. 114 Detail of the centre console: ESP button

The Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP) contains the electronic differential lock (EDL) and the traction control system (TCS). The ESP function works in conjunction with the ABS. Both warning lamps will light up if the ESP or ABS systems are faulty.

The ESP is started automatically when the engine is started.

In specific circumstances where you require less traction, you can switch off the ESP by pressing button  fig. 114 .

For example:

• when driving with snow chains,
• when driving in deep snow or on loose surfaces,
• when rocking the vehicle backwards and forwards to free it from mud, for example.

You should press the button to switch the ESP back on when you no longer need wheel spin.

The TCS and EDL are also switched off if the ESP is switched off. That is to say, these systems are not available while ESP is not activated.

When does the light up or flash? button light up or flash?
• It lights up when the ignition is switched on and should go out again after about 2 seconds.
• It will start flashing to indicate that ESP is counteracting an unstable driving condition.
• It will light up continuously if there is a malfunction in the ESP.
• It will light up continuously if the ESP is switched off.


• The electronic stabilisation program (ESP) cannot defy the laws of physics. This should be kept in mind, particularly on slippery and wet roads and when towing a trailer.
• Always adapt your driving style to suit the condition of the roads and the traffic situation. Do not let the extra safety afforded by ESP tempt you into taking any risks when driving, this can cause accidents.
• Please refer to the corresponding warning notes on ESP in “Intelligent technology”.

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