Seat Leon >> Roof carrier*

Please observe the following points if you intend to carry loads on the roof:

• For safety reasons, only luggage racks and accessories approved by SEAT should be used.
• It is imperative to precisely follow the fitting instructions included for the rack, taking special care when fitting the front bar in the holes designed for this and the rear bar between the marks on the upper part of the rear door frame while respecting the correct direction of travel indicated in the installation manual. Not following these instructions may lead to paintwork damage or marks on the bodywork.
• Pay special attention to the tightening torque of the attachment bolts and check them following a short journey. If necessary, retighten the bolts and check them at regular intervals.
• Distribute the load evenly. A maximum load of 40 kg only is permitted for each roof carrier system support bar, the load must be distributed evenly over the entire length. However, the maximum load permitted for the entire roof (including the support system) of 75 kg must not be exceeded nor should the total weight of the vehicle be exceeded. See the chapter on “Technical Data”.
• When transporting heavy or large objects on the roof, any change in the normal vehicle behaviour due to a change in the centre of gravity or an increased wind resistance must be taken into account. For this reason, a suitable speed and driving style must be used.
• For those vehicles fitted with a sunroof*, ensure that it does not interfere with the load on the roof carrier system when opened.

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