Seat Leon >> Stowing luggage

All luggage must be securely stowed.

Please observe the following points to ensure the vehicle handles well at all times:

– Distribute the load as evenly as possible.
– Place heavy objects as far forward in the luggage compartment as possible.
– Secure luggage in the luggage compartment with suitable straps on the fastening rings.


• Loose luggage and other loose items in the vehicle can cause serious injuries.
• Loose objects in the luggage compartment can suddenly move and change the way the vehicle handles.
• During sudden manoeuvres or accidents, loose objects in the passenger compartment can be flung forward, injuring vehicle occupants.
• Always store objects in the luggage compartment and secure with suitable straps. This is especially important for heavy objects.
• When you transport heavy objects, always keep in mind that a change in the centre of gravity can also cause changes in vehicle handling.
• Please observe information on safe driving  “Safe driving”.

Hard objects on the shelf could chafe against the wires of the heating element in the rear window and cause damage.

The ventilation slots in front of the rear side windows must not be covered as this would prevent stale air being extracted from the vehicle.

    Luggage compartment cover
    Fig. 105 Luggage compartment cover Removing the cover – Disengage the loops  fig. 105 B  from the retaining pins A. – Extract the cover from its slot, in its rest position and pull ...

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