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The windscreen wiper lever operates the windscreen wiper and the wash and wipe system for the rear window.

Fig. 84 Window wash and

Fig. 84 Window wash and wipe lever: Rear window wiper

Switching on the interval wipe
– Press the lever forwards to position 6 fig. 84. The wiper will wipe the window approximately every 6 seconds.

Switching off the interval wipe function
– Pull the lever back from position 6 towards the steering wheel.

The wiper will continue to function for a short period if you switch off whilst the wipers are in motion.

Switching on the windscreen wiper and washer system
– Press the lever fully forwards to position 7 fig. 84 . The wash function will start immediately and the wiper will start with a slight delay. The windscreen wash system will function as long as you hold the lever in this position.
– Return the lever back to the rest position. The wiper then wipes for approximately 4 seconds, and then in intervals again.

– Return the lever back to the rest position. The washer system stops and the wipers function.


• A worn or dirty wiper blade will obstruct visibility and reduce safety.
• Always note the corresponding warnings on  “Changing the front windscreen wiper blades”.

In icy conditions, always check that the wiper blade is not frozen to the glass before using the wiper for the first time. If you switch on the wiper when the wiper blade is frozen to the glass, this could damage both the wiper blade and the wiper motor.

• The windscreen wiper will only function when the ignition is switched on and the tailgate is closed.
• In reverse gear, with the windscreen wipers switched on, the rear windscreen wiper will make one wipe.

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