Seat Leon >> Repair selector forks

Special tools and workshop equipment required

Controls, housing

  • Tightening plate - VW 402-
  • Thrust pad - 3290/1-
  • Assembly tool - 3301-
  • Thrust pad - VW 431-
  • Spacer sleeve - VW 472/2-
  • Assembly mandrel - 10-206-


  • Pressing-off lever - 80-200-

Controls, housing

  • Assembly Mandrill - 10-508-

Controls, housing

  • Support tool - 2070-

Controls, housing

Identification of selector segments and selector fork for 5th gear with selector segments

Gap -a-.

  1. - 1st/2nd gear selection group = 10.0 mm
  2. - 3rd/4th gear selection group = 78.6 mm
  3. - 5th gear selector fork with selector segments = 79.5 mm

Prongs of 1st/2nd gear with gear selection

Dimension -a- = 78 mm

Remove the securing ring

  • Clamp selector fork in vice with protective jaw covers -B-.
  • Lever off lock washer -A- in -direction of arrow-.

Fit the securing ring

  • Press the spring washer in the groove of the gear change with a handled socket spanner.

Note The segment must rotate freely after installing the lock washer.

  1. - Socket spanner with handle, size 10
  2. - Protection gags

Removing angular contact ball bearing

Note Do not bend selector forks when removing and installing the ball bearing.

Pressing inner race -A- of angular contact ball bearing into outer race

Inner race must engage in outer race.

Pulling angular contact ball bearing into selector fork (insert onto stop)

The groove on the pressure tool - 3290/1- facing towards the ball bearing

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