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SEAT Leon Service and Repair Manual / Maintenance / Description of work / Configure and check the Bluetooth connection between the customer's mobile telephone and the vehicle's hand-free system

It is necessary to configure the Bluetooth connection between the mobile telephone and the hands-free system before it can be used for the first time.

Certain software versions may not operate error-free with some mobile telephones or the functions may be limited.

This can cause a malfunction in the hand-free system in the vehicle.

In such cases it is necessary for the customer to contact the service department responsible for his mobile telephone.

Work sequence

In each case the other equipment must be configured in the mobile telephone as well as in the hand-free system. For this purpose it is first necessary to activate the mobile telephone's Bluetooth function.

  • After switching on the ignition it is necessary to initiate a search on the mobile telephone for other Bluetooth accessories in the reception area. This search should also find the vehicle hands-free system (SEAT _UHV).
  • Then select this hands-free system on the mobile telephone.

    Instructions for making these settings should be provided in the user's manual for the mobile telephone.

  • Then it is necessary to enter the PIN for the hands-free system to complete the connection (factory setting 1234) Ask the customer if he wants to change the PIN.
  • After entering the PIN, the connection is completed and the system can be used via the Bluetooth connection. The system outputs an acoustic confirmation signal at the moment the connection is completed.
  • After initial configuration, the Bluetooth connection is completed automatically without further settings when the ignition is on and the mobile telephone and hands-free system are within a suitable distance from one another for this purpose.
  • The connection between a mobile telephone and the hands-free system is not completed when the latter is already connected to another mobile telephone.
  • When two or more mobile telephones with Bluetooth feature are located in the reception range of the hands-free system, the connection is completed to the mobile telephone last connected to the hands-free system.

NOTICE When a mobile telephone completes a connection to the handsfree system, an acoustic and visual message is output.

It is necessary to take into consideration that this visual signal illuminates for approx. 3 seconds on the display when the radio is switched off.

Set the language of the driver information in vehicles with multi-function display

Select the language desired by the customer according to the instructions in the multi-functional touchscreen.

Multi-functional touchscreen:

  • Switch on the ignition.
  • Switch on the multi-functional touchscreen -1-.
  • Press the "MENU" button.
  • Press "SETTINGS" on the touchscreen.
  • Press "Language" on the touchscreen.
  • Select the desired language.

The changes carried out are then saved automatically when closing the menu.


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