Seat Leon >> Service interval display: Reset

NOTICE The service interval indicator must be reset for the handing-over inspection as well as for each service.

For the handing-over inspection, the "oil change indicator" as well as the "inspection indicator" must be reset.

With the respective service, only the indicator of the service carried out must be reset ("Oil change", "Inspection" or both, if carried out together).


When necessary, adjust the programming of the service interval indicator from flexible service intervals to time and kilometre dependent intervals (fixed service interval) or vice-versa.

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Vehicle diagnosis tester

Work sequence

NOTICE If no indications are displayed on the screen during these operations: - operating instructions vehicle diagnosis tester .

ODIS Service

  • Connecting diagnosis tester .
  • Switch on the ignition.
  • Carry out identification of vehicle.
  • Deselect "Using guided fault finding".
  • Select "Control unit".
  • Select "instrument cluster".
  • Select "Identify control unit".
  • Select "Guided Functions".
  • Select the respective service which is to be reset.
  • Carry out the reading according to the details in the "Guided Functions"


  • Switch off the ignition and the vehicle diagnostic and service information system .
  • Switch on the ignition.

After the ignition is switched on, the service event is no longer displayed.

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