Seat Leon >> Check vehicle key operation

  • Remove the keys from the key ring in order to check each one's operation.
  • Place all the vehicle keys one by one in the ignition and start the engine.
  • If after approximately 3 seconds the engine stops by itself and the message "save" appears in the mileometer, this means that the key in question has not been programmed for the immobiliser.
  • Repair measure: Guided fault location (programming the vehicle keys).
  • Note the number of vehicle keys that have been checked and delivered in the inspection record.

Check the operation of the alarm.

  • Lock the vehicle using the lock button on the remote control key.
  • Insert the key in the driver's door lock and turn to the left.
  • Open vehicle door.

After approximately 15 seconds the alarm system will go off.

  • Stop the alarm system using the unlock button on the remote control key.

Vehicles with volumetric sensor

  • Fully open one of the vehicle windows.
  • Lock the vehicle using the lock button on the remote control key.
  • Insert one hand through the open window.

The volumetric sensors will detect the movement of the hand inside the vehicle compartment and the alarm system will be triggered.

  • Stop the alarm system using the unlock button on the remote control key.

Check the batteries in the remote control key

As the batteries in the remote control key run down, the radius of action also diminishes.

If the battery warning light does not flash when the buttons are pressed the battery should be replaced.


The use of incorrect batteries may damage the remote control.

Used batteries should be replaced by new batteries of the same voltage and size.

Observe environmental requirements for disposal!

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Lever - 3409-


Battery removal

  • Fold out the key -arrow A-.
  • With the lever - 3409- , remove the cover in the direction of -arrow B-.
  • On the intended tabs of the key body, remove the battery from its mount using a small flat-headed screwdriver.

Installing battery

NOTICE Ensure correct polarity and mounting position when installing battery.

The poles and the battery specification are embossed on the inside of the key cover.


  • Insert the battery in the direction of the -arrow- into its mount making sure that the positive pole is visible (pointing upwards).
  • Press down on the battery in order to engage tight in the mount.
  • Fit the key cover and press on until you can hear a characteristic "clicking" sound.

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